Our company is an investment company focused on the new energy industry, aerospace, military enterprises, and technology. We are committed to providing financial support and professional investment management services to innovative enterprises, helping them achieve technological innovation and industrial development.

Our fund management team has rich industry experience and profound professional knowledge, and is skilled in identifying and investing in technology innovation enterprises with high growth potential. We maintain close cooperative relationships with leading aerospace, military, and new energy industry enterprises, leveraging their resources and professional capabilities to provide strategic guidance and market support for our investment projects.

Our investment strategy focuses on project selection and risk control. We conduct in-depth due diligence and risk assessment on potential projects to ensure the sustainability and return on investment. At the same time, we provide comprehensive guidance and support to help startups achieve business goals and market-oriented operations.

We focus on cutting-edge technologies and market trends in aerospace, military enterprises, and the new energy industry, actively seeking projects with innovative capabilities and market competitiveness. We encourage entrepreneurs to continuously innovate in technology research and development, product innovation, and market expansion, making positive contributions to technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Our team is committed to maintaining close communication and cooperation with investors and enterprises, and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships. We provide regular project reports and investor meetings, timely sharing of project progress and market dynamics, and providing transparent and reliable investment information and project recommendations to investors.

Whether it is aerospace enterprises, military enterprises, or new energy industry technology innovation enterprises, we welcome them to cooperate with us to jointly promote industry development and technological progress. Our mission is to explore and cultivate excellent innovative enterprises, provide them with financial support and professional guidance, and jointly achieve the goals of technological innovation and industrial upgrading.








We are committed to providing comprehensive wealth management services to individual and corporate clients, helping them achieve financial goals and ensure asset security.

Our wealth management team has rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and is able to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advice to clients. We have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with our clients, and have tailored personalized wealth management solutions based on understanding their needs.

Our wealth management services cover multiple aspects such as asset allocation, portfolio management, risk management, and tax planning. We help clients achieve asset preservation and appreciation while minimizing risk through reasonable asset allocation, selected investment portfolios, and meticulous risk control.

We focus on communication and trust building with clients, regularly providing financial reports and investment strategy updates to ensure that clients are timely informed of asset status, investment progress, and market dynamics. Our team adheres to the principles of integrity and professionalism, always putting customer interests first, and providing high-quality wealth management services to customers.

We have established close cooperative relationships with major financial institutions, insurance companies, and professional institutions to provide customers with more financial resources and professional services. We continuously pursue innovation and development, actively adopting advanced technological means and data analysis technology to improve our service level and customer experience.

We will tailor suitable wealth management solutions for both individual and corporate clients based on their needs and goals, and continue to provide professional consulting and services to our clients. Our mission is to create more wealth value for customers, achieve financial freedom and sustained wealth growth.